Friday, 28 May 2010

I saw Tom Cruise in the flesh!

The Black Eyed Peas were amazing in concert, their robotic/sci-fi special affects, outfits and electrifying strobe light show was absolutely incredible. Each member of the band is so talented and they showed us this by doing individual sets.  To top the night off!....Tom Cruise came out (no not in the gay sense although I have always had my suspicisions hee hee) holding Fergie's hand who led him down the stage which narrowed off into a runway stretching out into the audience...and proceeded to sing "I got a feeling..." live.  And we were about 5 metres away from him.  Tom childhood crush was standing 5 metres from me, wearing his signature dark brown leather jacket, dark blue jeans and aviators with floppy hair.  Admittedly he can't really sing but it was refreshing to see that he was relaxed and with no bodyguards - the uptight perception of him and his different beliefs were put to one side tonight. It was refreshing, it was like seeing the old Tom Cruise back to his former self.  I was like a young teenager I couldn't contain myself...screaming "Tom...we love you!'  And I know what you are he really short in real life? Well you couldn't really tell and standing along side Apple and will-I-am you couldn't really tell any difference, maybe he was wearing platform shoes who knows?!  

I have officially ticked off another box in my 'life to do list'. 

Ah and how could I forget Cheryl who was supporting - she looked hot and totally smashed her vocals. I said she has had a tendency to be a hit and miss, but she nailed it and her outfits had a bit of everything, here a mix-match of nude romantism with military, a slice of this season's trend pie for everyone.

So I raced home this morning back to work, and then hit the town with a gaggle of gals to see SATC 2.  How much fun can a girl have in 24 hours? I won't spoil it for any of you about to see it.  I will wait a while to release my exited explosion of commentary. I deliberately didn't read any reviews or watch any trailers as I didn't want to spoil it, so I won't for you!

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Black Eyed Peas, Cheryl & SATC...

Can it get any better?.. no it can't! Put your hands up in the air and say "whoop whoop"; if you hadn't have gathered already I am uber excited.  Off  now to see BEP in the O2 tonight, with the gorgeous Cheryl supporting (she can be a bit hit or miss on her vocals but still love her) and then girly night on Friday for the opening night of SATC.  And to top it all off going to the wedding of the year on Sunday. So my next post probably won't be for a couple of days but I will have oh so much to talk about.

Have a super duper bank holiday weekend all!

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

High Street Dreams

Not sure if anyone else last night (in the UK) watched High Street Dreams? I found it really inspirational and I think, even though now I do-not watch much television nor miss it (blogging has become my replacement pastime) I will have to schedule it in to my Monday night regime.  Jo Malone is one of the mentors, I love the Jo Malone brand; I spent alot of time in their flagship London store and was lucky enough to be treated to little goody bags once in a while because I worked (many moons ago) next door, at the interior design shop of Jane Churchill.  I was most intrigued and inspired by Beryl and her beautiful big merino wool scarves. Well done her to get an order with Jigsaw! perfect product placement. I can relate to Beryl and her passion as I am getting into my knitting.  Louise from Louboosandshoes from reading this will now be preempting her Christmas present...yes a beautiful scarf?! 

On the subject of scarves, it is the one accessory (as well as my wedding ring) that I wear on a daily basis -  for me the scarf provides the perfect accompaniment to my ensemble and I find it quite comforting especially if I have an early start... it acts as my cocoon.  The latest one in my collection featured in a blogpost I did quite recently - a beautiful coral scarf with tassels from All Saints. 

Tassels....uuum my original thoughts spring back to the tassels that use to hang from the bottom of my grandfather's settee (another old fashioned word), of which his cat used to enjoy scrapping with. 

But tassels and fringing are back...and reinvented to create some fabulous apparel.

I think Beryl could if she wanted, incorporate up and coming trends into the design of her amazing knitted scarves.  Here I have found some beautiful rope knit tassel scarves from a brand called 
De*Nada by the oh so talented Peruvian designer Virginia Blanca ArrisueƱo 
Cozy chic must-haves.


   You must go and visit her online store
(photos from website)

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Tuesday's tune

This tune is one of my favourite's at the moment, it plays when you enter the Comptoir des Cotonniers website which I love perusing on a regular basis!  The song is called "What I feel" by Pony Pony Run Run (my niece will automatically love it because of their band name), this is for you boo my budding fashionista.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

All Saints

On my 18th birthday my bro took me to my first live concert to see All Saints... (I was a late-starter with all things in life). I tell a small fib he was due to go with his back then girlfriend, but due to a repeated case of hypochondria she wasn't well enough to go.  One wo{man's} loss is another wo{man's) gain...being 2nd choice is not so bad. This was, until recently, my first and only involvement with All Saints, (apart from some bible reading classes at school in preparation for my confirmation)...until on Friday with a whole day of shopping by myself...I fully discovered the magic of All Saints - the store!  My friend H who is getting married this weekend is in love with the All Saints brand.  I had always window shopped but was slightly scared off by the goth rock feel...but this is a prime example of mis-perception. I went in and didn't want to leave.  I have officially found my new favourite store...edgy is how I would put it...which is exactly the look I am riding with right now.  How could I have missed the perfect grays and corals too!

My purchases from All Saints:
 These denim shorts will go nicely with my new All Star Ox lite sneakers, 
perfect combo for the summer season

Being obsessed with Coral, this scarf was a must have 
and also how could I resist the en-trend tassels?!

An All Saints fan like me...the gorgeous Emma Watson.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Here birdie...

When I am re-incarnated I hope to come back as a bird. Bird print designs are all over the place at the moment, so I feel invigorated and comforted. For me the image of a bird represents freedom - specifically freedom of expression and that is what style is all about. Here are a few of my favourite birdie prints at the moment, you will recognize a few in my Polyvore creation: swallow prints from Miu Miu which I believe in time will become an iconic symbol of their brand.  In years to come it will be in their vintage collection, definitely not to be forgotten.

70's style silk swallow print dress
Lovely cushion by the Irishdesignshop

Handmade clutch by Indie designer Brooke Galardi

pg 175 Vogue UK May edition Miu Miu dress

Here Birdie...

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Can dreams come true...only if you make them

Tonight was the beginning of the next Chapter to my life (& my good friend Lu aka partner in crime).  I invited an old friend T over for dinner (who has successfully started her own business) to zap her brain with advice and key bits of information we need to get things moving on our creative workshop business...and turn things from an idea into reality.  The best way is to learn from other people who have 'been there and done that' and fortunately I have quite a few family friends that are entrepreneurs.  So we have officially put the wheels in motion.  Kindly she is going to put us in touch with some fabulous and influential contacts that will help us along the way.  It's all about the networking, and Tuesday after next we are joining a local BNI (Business Networking International) group that meets once a week; first session involves us introducing ourselves through doing a 60 second pitch, and then the flood gates.

The creative juices are literally flowing and I need to go now to write down and organize my thoughts...


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